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Unlock a new income stream in 6 weeks with Remote Side Hustle Launchpad.


Go from zero to launching your coaching or consulting side hustle by this time next month—and do it alongside a group of like-minded professionals.

This is the system I used to generate over $100,000 through side hustles taking 10 hours/week.

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Join busy professionals from

I don't like to brag, but my students do...

Building a side hustle is harder than you thought 


You’ve spent hours brainstorming side hustle ideas. You may have even tested a few of them…

But you ended up with a whopping 0 clients.

Plus, imposter syndrome and self-doubt are killing you.

You’re juggling a million things in your career (not to mention the fear of never-ending layoffs). But somewhere deep down, you hear this nagging voice: ”How do I get off of this hamster wheel?”

It’s not your fault though. The truth is that you’ve been lied to by “experts” who've never walked the walk. 

There is a better way…

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You need an actionable program that works


Remote Side Hustle is a 6-week cohort program for busy professionals who want to go from zero to launching a coaching or consulting side hustle.

I'll show you what’s working today. And I'll give you real examples, case studies, and actionable frameworks to kickstart your newside hustle.

You’ll build your side hustle roadmap, offering, growth engine, and sales toolkit so that you can win and serve clients successfully.

The best part? You won’t have to do it alone.

You’ll apply everything you learn with help from us and other smart professionals in our course community.

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Is Remote Side Hustle Right for You?


  • Are you a professional with over 5 years of experience who wants to monetize their expertise, diversify income, and gain freedom?

  • Has imposter syndrome or self-doubt kept you from getting started?

  • Are you struggling to plan, launch, and grow your service-based side hustle, e.g. coaching, consulting, or freelancing?

  • Do you have at least 10 hours a week to dedicate towards making your side hustle successful?

  • Ready to get started but don’t want to build alone?

If you can relate to any of these, Remote Side Hustle is for you


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How it works 


Focus on progress, not perfection

Perfection and imposter syndrome hold most side hustlers back. But not you anymore.

In Remote Side Hustle, we'll push you to take consistent action towards testing and iterating your side hustle. You'll build real confidence along the way.

Bite-sized video lessons and exercises. 6 weeks.

We get it. You're already busy with your 9-5. You don't have time for courses offering "50+ hours of content."

Not us. Each week, you'll get 2-3 short video lessons and exercises to take action. We focus on getting results, not consumption.

Peer learning and community

Feeling like you're on an island by yourself sucks. With our cohort, you won't be alone. You'll join a group of like-minded peers.

Learn together. Exchange feedback. Hold each other accountable. And celebrate each other's wins.


Build real-world skills from positioning to sales

There are countless courses out there on theory. In contract, we'll show you exactly what's worked for us and other side hustlers.

No-fluff, just actual examples and case studies. You'll level up the crucial skills you need to succeed.

Live Q&A and breakout sessions 

Got burning questions? Wondering if you’re on the right track?

Our live Q&A sessions are designed to get you clarity. Plus, breakout sessions to dive deep on challenges with your peers.


Bonus resources. Side Hustle Database.

You'll get access to our treasure trove of resources we're constantly keeping fresh. From our Side Hustle Database (20+ case studies) to exclusive talk recordings.

Think of these as your turbo chargers.

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Meet your instructor 


Remote Side Hustle was created by Dexter Zhuang.

I know first-hand how valuable side hustles are to diversifying your income and gaining freedom. 

I’ve made over $100,000 from multiple side income streams that take up to 10 hours/week.


Dexter is the founder of Money Abroad, a website offering actionable strategies, courses, and services on financial independence for professionals abroad. He shares his side hustle lessons with over 6,000 newsletter subscribers and over 22,000 LinkedIn followers.

He's also a fractional product leader. Over the past 10 years, he's worked with companies like Dropbox, Xendit, and growth-stage startups across the US, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. His work has been featured in global publications like Business Insider, CBS, US News & World Report, and Tech in Asia. He graduated from Dartmouth College.

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What you'll learn 


 Module 1: The Side Hustle Roadmap

  • Your Niche  - Use your superpowers, curiosities, and market validation to create a profitable niche.
  • Understanding Your Clients - Uncover unique insights about your clients' pains, fears, hopes, and dreams. 
  • Your Side Hustle Roadmap - Craft an actionable, 5-step roadmap, then run your first experiments to validate your hypotheses.

Module 2: The Offers

  • Designing & Pricing Your Offer - Construct a compelling offer using 4 building blocks. Price using time-based or value-based formulas, as well as market benchmarks.
  • Positioning Your Offer - Differentiate your offer in a crowded market. Build a value ladder for your growing clients.

 Module 3: The Growth Engine

  • Your Channels - Learn the building blocks of your growth engine. Choose a starter channel and understand the trade-offs between referrals vs social channels.
  • Your Content Engine - Create content systematically using my 3-step approach (including templates). Write using the 4 components of successful posts.
  • Your Website Quickly build a website using inexpensive tools. Implement 6 crucial parts of your site to start generating leads.

Module 4: The Sales

  • Qualifying Your Leads -  Use simple frameworks to assess leads in your forms and calls and write effective offer copy.
  • Your Discovery Calls - Run successful calls using my Discovery Call Structure Template. 
  • Objection Handling - Respond to popular objections like "it's too expensive" and "I'll need to think about it"

Bonus Module

  • Success Mindset - Adop the 3 success mindsets you need to build successful side hustles.
  • Imposter Syndrome Strategies - Leverage 4 techniques for overcome your fears of failure and imposter syndrome.
  • Bonus Q&A - Deep dives on topics like mitigating risks, side hustle to full-time transition, international markets
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Ready to kickstart your side hustle?

Next cohort starts in September 2024. (Future cohort: Spring 2025)

Unlock the Remote Side Hustle Cohort


Ideal for people looking to build a remote side hustle alongside motivated and smart peers with similar goals.

  • 15 bite-sized video lessons: learn how to launch your remote side hustle (~10 mins each)
  • Step-by-step exercises to build your remote side hustle
  • Detailed workbook to ensure you have all the actionable steps and resources you need to get going
  • Access to a community forum to get feedback on your work and collaborate on projects
  • Accountability to help you stay on track with projects
  • Weekly live office hours: Join us live for four Q&A sessions to get answers to your burning questions
  • Live breakout sessions: Join breakout sessions with your peers to talk through challenges and critique each other's work
  • Side hustle database: 20+ case studies of real side hustles generating $1,000+/month
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Ready to kickstart your side hustle?

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